Herbarium Policies


Use of the specimens is generally limited to scientific researchers and must be approved by the curator of the Herbarium. Information from the specimens is available to researchers and to the general public. Restrictions apply to information for species of special conservation concern or those species that are federally listed as Sensitive, Threatened or Endangered.


The Herbarium is available for use by qualified individuals. Specimens are available for loan to recognized botanical institutions engaged in taxonomic research. While we frequently identify plants for private individuals with no charge, a fee-based plant identification service is provided to various companies, agencies and individuals not part of BHSU and not involved in systematic research. For further details, contact the curator.


Loans are generally made for systematic research. Loans for other purposes are considered on a case-by-case basis. Loaned specimens will be annotated by the borrower. With few exceptions, loans are to be made to institutions, not to individuals. All loaned specimens should be carefully handled and properly stored.

Approval from the curator must be obtained before any material is dissected or removed from the specimens.

We would appreciate receiving a reprint of any publication resulting from studies of our collection and of any publication in which BHSC specimens are cited. Notification of any types found in our collections will be appreciated.

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